Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma (ReCAST) is a federal, 5-year initiative that harnesses the power of community-based organizations and residents to create resources and promote healthy ways to heal from challenges.

The goal of ReCAST is to build community resilience in Chicago through trauma-informed practices, violence prevention and community-informed plans. The following are key focus areas.

Center for Learning and Community Resilience

A supportive network to strengthen community resiliency, address stress and trauma and aid in the healing process through city-wide workshops and online resources.

Policy Development

Our policy development seeks to raise community voices, incorporate trauma-informed language and ensure policies promote healing rather than punishment.

Promote Equitable Access to Services

Chicago Connects is an online database of social services and crisis hotlines to aid during the healing process. By using these resources, one can prepare themselves and their community and raise awareness that healing from trauma is possible.