What is resilience?

Resilience is the awareness and power of a person, family, organization or community to find, use and create resources to heal.

Resilience is not about “bouncing back,” but rather ”bouncing forward” to address the root causes of stress, trauma and violence so that Chicago communities can be stronger than before.

Resilient Communities

How do you build community resilience?

Strategies for Building Resilience in Communities





What is resilience?

Take the Youth Resilience Survey

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What is resilience? Resilience is the awareness and power of a person, family, organization, or community to find, use, and create resources to recover from challenges and generate positive change.

Why take this survey? We want to understand young people’s thoughts about and experiences of community resilience so that we can help to improve the community.

By taking this survey, you are making your voice heard and creating positive change within your community. Additionally, this survey helps facilitate individual thinking about resiliency and how ReCAST can best work within your community.