Support Your Community

You can help support and build resilience in your community — connect with community members by attending a monthly CAPS or ward meeting, host a block discussion to address your neighborhood’s needs, participate in community peace circles, join a neighborhood organization or attend other community events.

To learn more about how to build resiliency in your community, connect with ReCAST Ambassadors by clicking the button below.

ReCAST Ambassadors are youth (ages 16-24) and adults who live and work in the Austin and Chatham communities and want to change the narrative of violence in our city. The role of ReCAST Ambassadors is to:


Generate discussion about resilience and the importance of health.


Educate communities on how to respond to stress and violence.


Connect with community members to create change.

ReCAST Ambassadors’ knowledge of the communities’ specific needs, combined with the work of ReCAST, creates opportunities for positive, sustainable change.

Current Ambassador-Created Initiatives

Youth Resiliency Survey

The survey provides a platform to hear how youth develop resilience.

Community Asset Mapping

A mapping project that identifies “what’s good in the neighborhood”.

Restorative Healing Circles

The circles create a safe, positive space for other youth to heal, vent and connect with other youth. Circles are led by the Youth Ambassadors.

Youth Development and Leadership

A 12-week workshop to guide young men towards their highest potential and power.

Community PhotoVoice

Community PhotoVoice captures the power of storytelling through photography.

ReCAST Ambassador Organizations